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The Silent Cavalry was founded by Batman after he was approached by Superman in order to join his new Justice League.


Bruce declines and states humanity must determine its own path, outside of the realm of super-powered beings. He, Ted Kord, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are the first among a team of old allies and children of members of the Justice League and Teen Titans. They are briefly allied with the Mankind Liberation Front until Billy Batson's brainwashing is revealed, at which point the Cavalry attacks the members of the MLF and subdue them, sans Batson whom, under Lex Luthor's influence, transforms into Captain Marvel and flies towards the Gulag.

Batman and the cavalry arrive shortly thereafter at the Gulag where a riot between the Justice League and Gulag inmates has broken out. They try to stem the loss of life, but it is too late for some of them to help. After the United Nations detonates a nuclear bomb over the Gulag, nearly the entire team is killed by the explosion, sans Jade, Nightstar, Doctor Fate and Batman. Other members of the League and Gulag inmates have also survived due to various means of teleportation/protection from the explosion.


  1. Absolute Kingdom Come

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