The Silent School is a college of magicians operating in Atlantis. Governed by a host of magister elders, the Silent School offered instruction in the mystic arts while maintaining a repository of enchantments, artifacts and magical instruments.

Upon his coronation as King of Atlantis, Corum Rath called upon the Silent School to help enact his agenda of Atlantean isolationism by conjuring the Crown of Thorns.[1] In the nascence of his reign, Rath continued to rely upon the magic provided by the Silent School, equipping his city guard and agents of The Drift with arcane weapons and enhancements.[2][3]

After magister Loke's failure in repelling the Undercurrent from taking down the Crown of Thorns, King Rath blamed him for Atlantis's exposure to unseen enemies based on the fact that he refuses to utilize the full might of their school's craft.[4]

At the magister's refusal of his lord king's demanding access to the Wellspring of all Atlantean sorcery, Rath sicced his only remaining confidante; Kadaver on the entire school. The two of them together murdering everyone in sight as punishment for their treason against the crown. To which Rath placed his friend Kad as Magister of the Silent School while they made their trek to the source of Atlantis's magic.[5]


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