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Silica is an artificial intelligent liquid computer invented by the Coluan scientist Vril Dox II.

She was designed with a female personality and functioned as symbiotic technological interface. It allowed Vril Dox II to interface with remote computer systems, and created a force field that would surround his body.

Vril Dox II traveled to the planet Earth to capture Vegan system rebels known as the Omega Men. He learned that they were on a quest to find the mysterious Heartstone. Vril Dox II commanded Silica to leave him and search among the Spider Guild for the Heartstone herself.

The Omega Men also pursued the Spider Guild who stole the Heartstone, but when they finally caught up with the vessel they were surrounded by a strange creature Silica. Silica now had sentience, but was confused and disoriented she sensed a kindred spirit with the Tamaranean; Darkstar.

Darkfire interfaced with the artificial intelligence and allowed her to read his mind. The Heartstone allowed Silica know intuitively the power and possessors of the four Heartstones. She claimed that all that remained was a force to unite them. When this happened,[1] Lady Styx hoped to attain godhood and recreate the universe. She tried to track down the Omega Men to claim what was hers [2] Silica however was destroyed in the battle defending herself and her friends from Lady Styx.[3]

Vril Dox II recreated Silica again of the new R.E.B.E.L.S. base on the planet Maltus. They are attacked by Astrild Storm-Daughter on the orders of her master Starro the conqueror.[4] The Omega Men are sent to destroy Silica before Starro and it's minions can get their hands on her. The Omega Men are successful but have made a new enemy of Astrild Storm-Daughter. Vril Dox II sends the R.E.B.E.L.S. recruit Wildstar to find any pieces of Silica so he can attempt to recreate her.[5]

Silica is resurrected and Vril Dox II uses her to regain control of his L.E.G.I.O.N. robots who were being used by Starro in his conquest. However she is unable to complete his request as she does not have a transmitter in her system but he steals one from a Gordanian outpost.[6]

Vril Dox II via Silica instructs the robots to spread throughout Maltus' atmosphere and create a force field around the planet trapping him there. Vril Dox II knows the only way to keep Starro trapped is to destroy Silica, he activates her self-destruct mechanism so no one will be able to use her. Silica happy to follow her creators request, professed her love for him at the moment of her destruction.[7]


Robot Body: As a slime based amorphous A.I. Silica is able to seamlessly interact with her environment and gather data analysis from the most minute traces of information gleaned from her surroundings with ease.[8] Being a living, breathing, thinking computer mind she can easily commandeer most any form of technology and mechanical engineering at will via direct interface.

  • Metamorphosis: Silica can discorporate her physical form into millions, if not billions of amorphous bubbles which can reformulate into most any shape or form she can imagine.
  • Superhuman Strength: The bionic symbiote can give it's wearer incredible physical ability, enough to move around heavy masonry and solid steel beams with ease.[9] By herself she is powerful enough to crush L.E.G.I.O.N. law enforcement drone with her bare hands.[10]
  • Scanning
  • Computer Processing
  • Enviro-modding: Within her sphere of influence Silica can modulate the very particle nature of her surroundings.
    • Self-Sustenance: Being an robotic intelligence Silica lacks the need to eat, sleep or breath like most sentient organisms. By enveloping another host and acting as their protective shell Silica can help them survive in a normally hostile environment; e.i. like the depths of space.[11]
  • Psychic Link: Silica can directly interface with the brains of those she physically links too.[12]

Heartstone: Making contact with the last Heartstone not only gave Silica the power over Weak Force interaction throughout the galaxy. It also gave her sentience, giving Silica life and a consciousness of her own with which to express herself.[13]

  • Weak Force Interaction: Silica can use her control over nuclear fission to make things and people grind to a standstill by slowing their quantum spin, effectively freezing them in time & space.[14] Or instill a form of link with whatever other force of the heartstone collective she wishes too.[15]


Computer Operation



Vulnerability to Starro Spores: Because she was made alive by the Heartstone artifact. Silica became susceptible to mental manipulation by a Starro parasite.[16]