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The plot is concentrated on Agamemno, an entity who wants three artifacts in order to build his ultimate doomsday weapon, which will allow him to rule the universe.


Silver Age takes place in the past, set during the Silver Age, but trying to fit in the continuity between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis. Thus, Wonder Woman had not arrived in the Man's world at this time; she is replaced by Black Canary. The series has some continuity errors such as Superman being a full member of the JLA and having a friendly relationship with Batman in this point of time. The chronology is really complicated; This is an apparently "impossible year" where there is an active Batgirl (according Zero Hour and Batman timelines she debuted 5 years before Zero Hour), Teen Titans (7 years before Zero Hour), Brainiac (4 years before Zero Hour), Mr. Element (who changed his costumed identity to Dr. Alchemy in the next appearance), a beardless Green Arrow (first year of career only) and Doom Patrol (who died circa 9 years before Zero Hour). The creators honor the Silver Age as much as they can: There's the presence of Atomic Knight as Shining Knight II (in the original Silver Age tales, there were the Atomic Knights fighting in an alternate future); although Supergirl and Tommy Tomorrow don't actually appear in the series, they are honored when Suzy Shoemaker and Robby Reed assume their appearances. The Joker is absent, perhaps alluding a short period between 1969 and 1973 where there was no Joker stories. Blackhawk is the only Golden Age character to appear in the series, since the Blackhawk title hadn't been canceled since the Golden Age, even with the change of publisher.


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