Quote1 It's true. I do hate all humans. Whichever world is destroyed, I look forward to an empty planet to call my own. Quote2
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Silver Cyclone was the evil counterpart of Red Tornado.

In a complete opposite to Red Tornado's appreciation with organic life, Silver Cyclone loathed it and wished to destroy it. He and his Injustice Syndicate attempted to invade and later destroy the primary Earth of their heroic counterparts. The Batman and the enemies of Injustice Syndicate foiled their attempt, but Silver Cyclone then intended in detonating the bomb that was purposed to destroy primary Earth in his world instead; which fulfilled his desire to eradicate all life including his own Syndicate, whom he cared less about. However, Red Hood stopped him by throwing one of his trademark red aces into the side of his head, causing his head to blow up.



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