The Silver Shield was an alien whose skin is the source of Captain Atom's Dilustel coating.

The being that became known as the Silver Shield is an alien who lived in the Quantum Field. He was "swimming" in the Quantum Field where he found a hole. Wanting to know more about the hole he went through the hole where he discovered that it was not the same as the Quantum Field. His consciousness became limited which tipped him off as he felt that he "mattered." Upon the new universe he was in, he felt naked until he found someone like him. That alien taught the being how to shape and form into something new, in which he had designed himself almost identical to a spaceship. While "swimming" again in the new universe he discovered Earth and was attracted to it. However, the gravitational pull brought the Silver Shield down and he was frightened. He called for help but no one of his kind came, and nor was he able to moving or "swimming" on Earth due to the gravity that immobilized the being.

The being was soon discovered by Dr. Heinrich Megala. Thought to be a spaceship, Megala gathered a group of scientist to explore the being, in which he dubbed the being as the Silver Shield. The being was aware of their presence but continued calling for help. When one of the scientist stabbed it with a X-Ionizer knife, created by Megala, to retrieve some samples from the being, the Sliver Shield felt pain (for the first time). This unfortunately caused Dr. Anton Sarrok to go insane, due to a telepathic connection developed between him and the Silver Shield, and inflicting Dr. Megala with a disease from the radiation it released.[1] Thereafter, the Silver Shield fell into a coma.

Years later, Captain Atom was created from the samples collected from the Silver Shield and had a connection to Quantum Field as well as Major Force. The Silver Shield had control of their access to the Quantum Field and when it woke up, it was frightened and disoriented which cut off the access for Captain Atom and Major Force which made them powerless. This led to General Wade Eiling sending Captain Atom and Major Force to find the Silver Shield. The Silver Shield still had a telepathic connection with Dr. Sarrok so when the Silver Shield woke up, Dr. Sarrok was able to calm the Silver Shield which gave Captain Atom some of his power back. The Silver Shield came out of hiding when Captain Atom and Major Force were nearby and connected with them to create a new form; an alien form with four arms, two legs, no face, and a long hair-like appearance. Thus confirming to everyone's presence that the Silver Shield was a sentient being.[2]

The Silver Shield told Captain Atom that he was unable to go back home because his form was only useful on Earth and that his damage state (the pieces shaved off by Dr. Megala) left him incomplete which is not allowed in the Quantum Field. Captain Atom was able to find a place for the Silver Shield to stay which was at a friend's home. They were able to pretend as if the Silver Shield left Earth in order to prevent anyone, like General Eiling, attempting to capture it for personal use. Captain Atom then welcomed him to Earth as his brother.[1]

Unbeknownst to everyone including the Silver Shield, his real brothers were gathering while hearing the Silver Shield's cry for help and were plotting to rescue him.


  • Quantum Field Manipulation: The Silver Shield is the source of both the Dilustel metal comprising of Captain Atom, Major Force and Bombshell's metaphysical powers on top of being the source link to their connection with the Quantum Field. As such his power is that he can commonly manipulates the abilities of the Quantum Field to a much greater degree than any of them, to the point of which Adam cannot access his energy manipulation abilities nor Zmeck his control over Dark Matter. Due to this symbiotic link with the part of him used in the military projects, whatever agony or discomfort he experiences carries over to those merged to pieces of his being resulting in fatigue, delirium and loss over control of their quantum based powers. Silver Shield's race had the uncanny ability to traverse the totality of reality by entering and riding along the Quantum Fields stream giving him the potential for vast telelocation from worlds to realities away. Being comprised of metamorphic metal he can alternate his physical form at an atomic to particle level for safe travel across existence. The full nature of his abilities so far remain undisclosed but could be potentially infinite in scope.



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