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Crux was an enemy of the Outlaws.


One night, Simon and his family were driving home from a recent trip to the north of Edinburgh. A Tamaranean War Cruiser crashed into them, and he was the only survivor. Simon then dedicated his life to tracking aliens. He later hid the same War Cruiser that changed his life and dissected it to learn what he could about the world, who his enemies were and why they arrived on Earth. Eventually Simon realized he could use alien DNA to his advantage. He spent five years tracking Starfire.

The Outlaws

Simon was able to track Starfire thanks to a innocuous internet post of an image of her. Three days later, he arrived in Colorado, Amal attacked her and revealed his origins and reasons for attacking her. He then led her into a trap he had prepared for her.

While heading away Crux is hit by an arrow, surprised by someone still uses arrow's. The arrow unleashes an electrical charge, it isn't enough to kill him. But it takes him down hard. Roy Harper introduces him as the one who still uses arrow's and asks him for the location of Starfire, after she gave off mother of solar flares and knowing he had something to do it. After Crux reveals her location, Roy stabs him in the shoulder with an arrow and warns him he finds anything less than a full Kory, he'll kill him. After Roy runs off, Crux wonders why Roy would want to help her and not side with him. After he finds Starfire, Crux appear's behind him picking Roy up by his bag and says "If you want to live with this alien dog then you can die like one". He states with his arrows Roy is just a burnout in a beanie. After Roy asks him He think the arrow's are everything and unbuckles himself from his bag. After escaping from Crux's grasp. All of Roy's arrows in his bag explode, sending Crux, Roy and Starfire into the Lake. Starfire then comes out of Lake, flying bringing both Crux and Roy with her. After Roy questions her about her abilities, she tells him due to the experiments, she received in the past which set her physiology apart ordinary Tamaranean, information Crux wouldn't have known about. She then prepares to incinerate him, until Jason Todd turns up and tells him they must leave.

Arkham Asylum

Jason Todd drops Crux off Arkham Asylum while undercover as a doctor informing them he needs to heavily sedated otherwise he gets extremely violent.

The Search for Starfire

Jason Todd visits Crux, disguised as a doctor, to ask for his help tracking Starfire. initially, he attacks and knocks out Red Hood, taking him back to his ship. Amal shifts back into his human form and thanks Jason for their "unorthodox intervention." While Jason is surprised at first, Amal tells him that he had seen the error in his ways. he revealed that he stayed in Arkham Asylum, faking his mental condition, to help other inmates. He agrees to help Arsenal and Red Hood find Starfire.