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Quote1.png I must be the stupidest idiot in the whole universe. I got no ring. My partner is down. My new team is gone. Volthoom can crush me like a grape. You bet I'm scared. Good thing there's a Green Lantern power that doesn't require a ring. The ability to overcome fear. But it's like I told you...I never give up. Never quit. Never learned how. Quote2.png
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Simon Baz is a Green Lantern for Sector 2814. A former mechanic, street racer and car thief, he is the partner of Jessica Cruz.


Simon Baz is a Lebanese American who was born in Dearborn, Michigan. When he was ten years old, he and the rest of his family watched their television in horror as airplanes flew into the World Trade Center. As he grew up he and his Muslim family found themselves falling under intense suspicion and ostracism in the days, months and years following the attacks. During those years, Simon had to physically defend his sister from bullies on several occasions.

Despite these hardships, Simon managed to graduate high school, and proceed into higher education, gaining a degree in automotive engineering, followed by a job in an automotive plant. However, when the financial crisis hit, Simon was fired from his job.

In his desperation to make money, Simon took up illegal street-racing, something he proved good at. Sadly, disaster struck during one race, and his brother in-law was severely injured and placed in a coma. Simon just barely escaped being arrested and sent to prison for his part. As a result of his growing guilt, Simon grew increasingly distant from his sister.

Some time later, still financially desperate, Simon began stealing cars, to re-sell them for parts. One night, while stealing a van, Simon accidentally stole a van filled with explosives. A high-speed chase ensued, ending with Simon's arrest. As a result of his heritage, Simon was immediately suspected to be a terrorist and deported to Guantanamo Bay for further questioning. Despite the efforts of the more reasonable Agent Fed, Simon's attempt to claim he was innocent was ignored, and he was nearly subjected to torture.

At that moment, a Green Lantern Ring burst into the room, and despite being badly defective found Simon a suitable candidate, removing him from the holding facility.[1]

Green Lantern

The ring transported Simon to Florida, and while he remained unconscious, mapped his neural pathways. When Simon awoke, the ring displayed a message from its previous owners, Hal Jordan and Sinestro, telling him not to go to Oa, and not to trust anyone. Ignoring their message, Simon made his way to Detroit and contacted his sister. Angered by his former distance, she told him to meet him at a safer location. As he waited, Simon altered his ring-generated outfit to hide his identity better. Unfortunately, the quiet wait was interrupted by the arrival of the Justice League.[2]

Knowing he would not be a match for the League (except perhaps Batman), Simon restated his innocence to them. He offered to let Wonder Woman use her Lasso of Truth on him, to determine his innocence. Unfortunately, since the ring had been programmed by Sinestro, it responded violently to contact. Panicked, Simon retreated. Despite having little operational knowledge of his ring, he was able to create multiple constructs, as he evaded Superman and the Flash, ignoring their entreaties to turn himself in.

Some time later, he met up with Sira, who had acquired the name and location of the van's owner. Simon declared his intention to find out what was going on by himself, refusing to let anyone else get hurt.[3]

Simon proceeded to the residence of the van's owner, one Edward Wale, and tried to talk to him about the van. Wale allowed Simon into his residence, only for Simon to quickly learn the man was no innocent, having been deliberately planning to blow up the van under the bridge Simon found it under. His attempt to kill Simon was foiled by the ring protecting him, but any attempt on Simon's part to pay Wale back for his actions were foiled by the ring's charge running out. Cornered, Simon was only saved by the intervention of Agent Fed, who'd been investigating his case. Before the stand-off could proceed any further, the Third Army arrived, transforming Wale into one of their own, before advancing on Simon.

Grabbing Wale's gun to defend himself, Simon and Fed fled into the house's basement, finding a small stockpile of weapons. As the Third Army followed, Fed wired up some of the room's explosives to explode. The resulting explosion destroyed the creatures, Simon and Fed only being saved by the timely arrival of Green Lantern B'dg. [4]

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  • Emerald Sight: For reasons currently unknown, Simon Baz has unlocked an extremely rare power among Green Lanterns known as the Emerald Sight which allows a Green Lantern to receive glimpses of the near future.[5]


  • Driving
  • Expert Combatant: Simon was trained by Wonder Woman, when it comes to combat.[6][7] Without his ring, he has stated that he has over 25 years of fighting dirty.[8]
  • Firearms: Simon is skilled in the use of firearms.
  • Indomitable Will: Simon's willpower is extremely strong, even for a Green Lantern. He was able to wake his best friend and brother in-law, Nazir Amar from his coma, which was considered impossible. He also briefly cured a Red Lantern of her rage by himself.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Simon has a degree in automotive engineering.





  • Handgun (Formerly): Simon used to carry a firearm with him on all occasions, in case his ring ended up failing which on some occasions it has. This safeguard was ironically his greatest weakness at times, being the symbol of his fear of his ring failing. Despite this fear and ridicule for using what is seemingly pointless for a Green Lantern, he is still a capable hero and rarely relied on his gun. After helping defeat the Scarecrow with Batman however, he realizes he has enough confidence to trust in the ring and himself, and turned in his firearm to Commissioner Jim Gordon.[10]

"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power...Green Lantern's light!"

  • Batman has stated that Simon is the only Green Lantern that he's willing to work with.[11]
  • Baz has a forearm tattoo that reads "courage" in Arabic. His father objected to it, as tattoos are haram.[1]
  • Simon Baz was previously the liaison for the Red Lantern Corps when they were under the leadership of Guy Gardner.[citation needed]
  • Simon's Green Lantern ring was originally supposed to go to Frank Laminski.[12]
  • Since Simon was ten when the September 11 attacks occurred, that would place Simon's birth year in 1990 or 1991.[1]
  • Simon's former use of a handgun alongside his Lantern Ring may reference Jack T. Chance, a Green Lantern from New Earth.



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