Simon Dark is a Gotham Village vigilante who was created using mad science, dark magic and the body parts of about twenty teenage boys.

Simon Dark is a mysterious vigilante operating out of the Village in Gotham City. He seems to have been created from a number of dead bodies and, as such, has no memory of his past. He also states that he remembers everything he reads, which implies he may have a photographic memory. Dark doesn't have any clear memories of where he came from, nor how he came to inhabit Gotham City. He has vague memories of being smaller then growing however, his "straps have not" and later revelations indicate that these fragmented memories are from the deceased young men who were used in his creation. A preliminary forensic examination gave his estimated age as approximately eighteen years old.

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  • Zombie Physiology: Simon Dark's body is made up of a large number of dead bodies cobbled and stitched together.
    • Regeneration: Simon Dark has proven to be amazingly resilient. Having suffered from multiple gunshot wounds, Simon soon recovered with little damage to his body.
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Transformation: Simon can shift his head to appear to be the head of any of the twenty teenagers who were used to create him, though he gave up two of these faces/minds in order to save Gus.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Simon Dark is capable of fighting up against multiple opponents in unarmed combat.
  • Occultism: Simon learned how to use magic by reading texts left to him by his creator and then expounding on the knowledge he gained through learning far-sight.
    • Clairvoyance: The first large magic ritual Simon decided to recreate gave him far-sight, which allows him to look in on things far from his physical form and take in much more knowledge than those speaking to him want him to glean from them.
    • Dimensional Travel: Simon can travel to and through the "In Between", a place he describes as like limbo and the section of which he finds easy to traverse being a path for souls to traverse through.
    • Psychic Link: Simon can form mental links between himself and others to communicate, some which are easy and long lasting like the one with his "brother" Tom Kirk and others which are fleeting due to the shock of the connection.
    • Telekinesis: Simon can remotely move his sending stone quick enough to crush holes in individuals who are mildly bullet resistant.


  • Power Instability: Simon has little control over which "face" he is using or how long a face lasts when using human faces.
  • Monstrous Appearance: In his base form Simon's face is chalky white and putty-like and his body is a roughly stitched patchwork of different skin tones.


  • Simon Dark is named after a children's nursery rhyme popular in Gotham City. The rhyme, or at least the currently known portion of it, goes as follows:
"Lurks in Shadows. Hides in the park.
Simon. Simon. Simon Dark.
If you're good he'll stay away.
If you're bad he'll make you pay.
Lurks in Shadows. Hides in the park.
Simon. Simon. Simon Dark."



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