Quote1 Haven't you heard? All of the justice in this city comes from vigilantes. Quote2
-- Adrian Chase src

Adrian Chase was Star City's district attorney who worked closely with the mayor, Oliver Queen. Adrian secretly operated as "Prometheus", a mysterious archer, who leads a campaign of revenge against the Green Arrow, enacting pain and penance on Oliver Queen for all the lives he unknowingly ruined while hunting down people from the List in his guise as the Hood. His main motivation is suspected to be related to the death of Justin Claybourne, with Prometheus possibly being his illegitimate child, although the villainous vigilante refused to confirm this suspicion. Targeting civilians and police officers, Prometheus recreated anagrams of people from the List that the Hood targeted, and also recreated a crime scene of Claybourne's bodyguards killed by Hood with the corpses of murdered SCPD officers.



  • Morrison used the alias 'Adrian Chase', the secret identity of the Vigilante in the comics. In the TV show, Vigilante appears as a separate character.
  • Prometheus' real name is revealed to be Simon Morrison. The comics character known as Prometheus was co-created by writer Grant Morrison.



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