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Quote1 My passport says I'm Simon Petrarch and I've been many things in my life-- explorer, adventurer, mercenary, spy. I've been too many things and I've seen too much. I've sold my soul by bits and pieces over the years until I have nothing left. Quote2
-- Simon Petrarch src

Simon Petrarch is the main character of the propaganda comic book "Batman." In Gotham City, two comic book writers began writing a comic book series entitled Batman. The series was written to persuade the people of Gotham that the real vigilante was actually a public menace.

The writers, not knowing Batman's real secret identity, gave him the alias Simon Petrarch. Petrarch describes himself as an adventurer and mercenary in search of ultimate power. One day, when adventuring in the Himalayas, the man stumbles upon the shrine dedicated to Lucifer, himself. Lucifer, wishing to come to Earth so he can wreak havoc on its people, makes a deal with Petrarch. The adventurer would get ultimate power if he allowed Satan to possess him. Petrarch accepts and submits to the Devil.

As the man, now transformed with Lucifer, rises from the ground, he realizes his new superpowers and leaves to begin starting chaos. Petrarch chooses the city of Gotham as his base. Calling himself Batman, Petrarch terrorizes the criminals in it.[1]

Simon's guardian angel took the form of The Robin. He came to Batman's aid when the latter was captured by Joker. While Simon was grateful for his help, he denied his company, opting to transform a stray dog into his Bathound. When he caught up to Joker, he found that he had kidnapped and tortured Robin. Bathound was able to kill Joker, but the damage done to Robin's psyche.[2]







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