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Simon Slikery was an American lawyer sympathetic to Nazi ideology who used his position and wealth to aid Nazi incursions on US soil.

In 1943 Simon's attempts to hide the Nazi spy known as Tony from Wonder Woman after "Tony" planted a bomb in the US Army's Washington, D.C. Intelligence Headquarters led the Holliday Girls from uncovering his involvement in an even more sinister plot. When Wonder Woman entered his office Simon pressed a discrete button calling for the police, and upon their arrival smashed a jar in his own face and claimed the Amazon had not only robbed and tried to kill him, but was also an imposter rather than the real Wonder Woman. The officers arrested her, and refused to listen to her, even denying her a lawyer when she asked for one and proved her strength by snapping chains and instead putting her in a straitjacket and calling for her to be shipped to an insane asylum.

From her cell she made a telepathic call to Etta Candy's Mental Radio and told her to investigate Simon. Etta led a contingent of Holliday Girls to board Simons yacht, only to find that Simon's "yacht" was actually a disguised Kriegsmarine ship. The girls were quickly caught by the Kriegsmarine personnel hiding aboard planning a sneak attack on US Naval vessels, but Wonder Woman could sense something had gone wrong and broke out of her jail cell to aid them.[1]




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