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Simon Stagg was the C.E.O. of Stagg Industries, and the greatest financier of Max Lord.

Simon Stagg invested in Max Lord's company Black Gold Cooperative, believing that Lord's company was thriving with its connections to oil reserves. However, Stagg realized that the company, in reality, was failing, having been reduced in size to just Lord and his secretary. In 1986, Stagg accused Lord of soliciting him in a Ponzi scheme and threatened to turn him into the federal government if his assets weren't reimbursed.

Max, with Stagg's ultimatum on his back, finally recovered the Dreamstone and wished that he himself would have the stone's abilities to grant wishes. With his newfound power, Lord confronted Stagg and invited him to wish for anything as payment of their debts. However, due to the stone's power to give a "monkey's paw" ironic curse along with its wish, Stagg Industries was immediately raided by federal officers, and Simon Stagg was arrested for tax evasion. [1]