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At the height of his career, Simon Trent played the Gray Ghost, a vigilante that inspired Bruce Wayne[1], Clark Kent[2] and Matt Hagen.[3]

After the series was cancelled, Simon Trent couldn't get an acting role anymore - he was doomed to forever be the Gray Ghost. He came close to poverty, even after selling most memorabilia from the television series. When some of the material was used to commit bombings throughout Gotham, Batman looked him up, as he was the only person to still possess videotapes of the series. Trent was less than pleased with all the attention, but eventually came over it and cooperated. He donned his old costume, and now became the Gray Ghost for real to help the Dark Knight stop the "Mad Bomber".[1]

The adventure brought Trent - and with him, The Gray Ghost - back to the attention of the public. The series was rebooted, and at least one feature length film was made.[4] Simon Trent gave his old costume to Bruce Wayne, who had confided his story to the actor. He kept it in a special shrine in the Batcave.[5]



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