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Simon Tycho was an enemy of Supergirl.

Simon Tycho had an arrangement with Russia and the United States called the Visitor Protocols in which his company paid them for the first claim on anything that lands within their borders. The governments abdicated their interests in outer space, allowing private enterprise, namely Simon Tycho and his firm, to reap the fruits of its endeavors. Though this and his assertive attitude, Simon Tycho became a very wealthy by the age of 28.[1] When Supergirl's pod crashed through Earth to Siberia, Tycho had his men retrieve her pod. He then lured her to his space station, where he imprisoned her using the Kryptonite on her pod to drain her of her superhuman powers. When one of his guards released her, he had the guard killed. During his confrontation with her, he was so badly injured his assistant, Ms. Thorn, had to authorize drastic measures to save his life and combine the remainder of his body with an experimental weapon called the Brain.[2]



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