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Simon Valentine was a classmate of Superboy (Conner Kent) at Smallville High School.

A resident of Smallville in the wake of the Final Crisis, Simon is renowned across the town for his high intelligence. His efforts in science class, where he works to create a super-intelligent frog to lead the other frogs in an escape, would be laughable if not for the fact that his previous actions have resulted in his lab partners receiving minor injuries as a result of his experiments.

Recently, he has become interested in the local legend of "The Beast of Bruin Lake". He has come face-to-face with the creature, but was chased off.

According to the 31st century telepath Tellus, Valentine is destined to befriend Conner Kent, and be recorded as "his greatest friend and his greatest enemy", similar to Lex Luthor's relationship with Superman. However, the prophecy is quite vague on whether Valentine will be remembered as a force for good or evil...



  • Valentine has a recording device which he hangs around his neck when he is investigating something. He uses it to record his findings for future use.
  • Parasite Frogs: A group of frogs of his creation with the powers of The Parasite


  • War Helmet: An helmet of his creation capable of controlling frogs and shooting powerful energy beams capable of hurting the Parasite.