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Sinestro was the enemy of the Green Lantern Corps.

He used his army of robots to kidnap members of the Corps and transport them to his headquarters, where he has placed them inside the power core of the anti-matter vortex generator. Remaining Corps members Kilowog, Katma Tui, and Ch'p got help in the form of Duck Dodgers, who somehow got his hands on Hal Jordan's Green Lantern uniform and power ring, using him to drive a refurbished damaged robot straight into Sinestro's headquarters so he could power down its force field and allow the surviving Corps members entrance. Sinestro's robots caught Duck Dodgers powering down the shield and brought him in handcuffs to Sinestro himself, where Duck makes a comment about him looking like the devil. (Humorously, Sinestro honestly says he gets that comment a lot!) He reveals that he has an anti-matter vortex generator that is powered by the captured Green Lanterns which he intends to use to destroy the universe and remake in his own image. Duck keeps Sinestro distracted by going along with his offer to join him in his recreated universe, while Kilowog and Katma Tui sneak their way into the fortress. Eventually Sinestro loses his patience with Duck Dodgers and has him trapped in a crushing vice with his yellow energy ring. Out of desperation, unable to escape, Duck uses his power ring to create a ringing alarm clock to waken the sleeping Green Lanterns trapped inside the power core, causing them to break free and join Kilowog, Katma Tui, and Ch'p in destroying the anti-matter vortex generator and sending Sinestro on a trip out of the universe through the vortex before it closes completely.


Has a yellow power ring that enables him to fly and create various objects. Also has an anti-matter vortex generator that is powered by the collective energies of the captured members of the Green Lantern Corps and an army of robots at his disposal.



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