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Sinestro was a former Green Lantern who became the archnemesis of Bruce Wayne.

When Sinestro began dominating the people of Korugar by abusing his Green Lantern ring, the Green Lantern Corps sent Bruce Wayne to stop him. Bruce managed to subdue Sinestro, leaving the people he once dominated despondent. Sinestro's power ring was given to Katma Tui, the leader of the rebellion against Sinestro, who said that Bruce was their hero. Sinestro swore vengeance on Bruce before he was banished to Qward.

Later, Sinestro killed Commissioner Gordon and stole the information about Bruce's parent's killer, Joe Chill. Upon finding Joe Chill, Sinestro used his power ring to absorb the man's mind. When Bruce showed up to investigate, he was ambushed by Sinestro, who exhibited dual personalities thanks to Chill's mind. Bruce managed to drive the criminal off, which lead Sinestro to acquire allies on Earth.

After empowering and corrupting the minds of Harvey Dent and Selina Kyle, Sinestro sent them out to kill Bruce. Though they were defeated, they escaped back to Sinestro, who watched as Bruce set up a system of observer satellites in orbit. During his absence, Sinestro caused chaos on other planets in the sector, causing the Guardians to question Bruce's role as a Lantern.

Some time later, while Bruce was attacked by four lanterns, including Katma Tui, who attempted to restrain him, Sinestro lead his forces to attack Bruce's cave, injuring Alfred in the process, and began tampering with the power battery when three new Green Lanterns appeared and battled the villains. Sensing that Alfred was in danger, Bruce rushed home to discover that Alfred was dead and that Sinestro had escaped. Angered, Bruce asked the three new Green Lanterns to protect Earth while he would hunt down Sinestro.




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