Devoutly loyal to her master Lord Grayven, Sinthia accompanied the powerful despot on a murderous rampage across the galaxy. She assisted him in decimating populated worlds as well as nineteen honored members of the Darkstars. Several years ago, Grayven and she arrived on the planet Rann and fought up against the surviving Darkstars, Adam Strange and neophyte Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. Kyle managed to keep Sinthia on the defensive, but it was actually Darkstar leader John Stewart who ended their threat, when he activated a Mega Zeta-Beam which teleported Grayven off the besieged planet. With no one to lead her, Sinthia fled the scene. Her current whereabouts and activities are unknown.


The full extent of Sinthia's powers has never been revealed. During the attack on Rann, she demonstrated the ability to generate a cluster of energy in the shape of a clawed hand from her body, but Green Lantern countered her attack before she was able to implement it.




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