Quote1 Even Nekron will fear the scream of the Silver Banshee! Quote2
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Silver Banshee is the magically-enhanced super-screaming enemy of Superman and Supergirl.

Royalty meant to succeed her father for the throne, Siobhan McDougal attempted to prove herself worthy by performing a magic ritual. However, the ritual failed, and Siobhan was dragged to the Netherworld, where she was transformed into the Silver Banshee by a monster as the Crone. Returned to Earth with the mission of finding a power occult book, the Banshee travelled the world with her new powers and became an enemy of the man and cousin of steel. [1]

During Nekron's invasion, Silver Banshee was mind-controlled by Nekron due to her undead nature to protect the Land of the Unliving. There, she fended off Superman and Supergirl as they sought out Nekron. Banshee was eventually defeated in one-on-one combat against Gorilla Grodd, aiding the heroes. Free of Nekron's control, Banshee joined the heroes in their fight against Nekron. [2]





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