The daughter of the head of a Gaelic Clan. Being the first-born child, Siobhan McDougal inherited the Castle Broen. This lead to her being murdered by her brother and cursed. However, Siobhan managed to escape from the Underworld, possessing great powers. In this new form, she acquired the name "Silver Banshee". However, her brother managed to exile her back to the Underworld.

Centuries later, Siobhan managed to escape, when Lois Lane accidently ripped a portrait of Bevan (which had been painted over a portrait of Siobhan) at the McDougal Inn. She took over the body of a female guest and killed the woman's boyfriend. Afterwards, Siobhan possessed Chloe Sullivan, but was foiled to seduce Clark Kent.

Siobhan next took over Lois and tried to kill Oliver Queen, but was stopped by Clark. The two fought until Chloe burned Siobhan's portrait, sending her back to the Underworld.




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