Siobhan came to New York City to escape her homeland of Ireland due to family issues. Her father died when she was young and her mother had only recently died which caused her to seek a new life in what she considered the "greatest city in the world". After arriving and settling down in Queens she inadvertently found herself face to face with the city's newest threat, Supergirl.

Instantly understanding her language, and after a short tussle with the authorities, she escaped with the help of Supergirl. Figuring that they needed each other and striking a fast friendship, the girls returned to Siobhan's home where they got to know each other properly. Siobhan decided to bring Kara to her latest band gig, and while playing music at the club, Siobhan's father, the Black Banshee. Siobhan revealed that she was, in fact, the Silver Banshee, and together they tackled her unrelenting father.


  • Sound Manipulation: Silver Banshee has incredible control over various sounds waves and is able to control as well as produce them through her own prowess.
  • Multilingualism: Siobhan can learn, and speak fluently, any language almost immediately, simply by hearing a small portion of the language. She can do this for anything from the Kryptonian language, to the cooing of a dove.


  • Music: Due to her control over most things auditory, Siobhan is an accomplished musician playing at local clubs in New York City with double digit numbered attendants.
  • Singing: Due to her control over most things auditory, Siobhan can manipulate her voice so that she can singing beautifully and loudly without a microphone.



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