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Quote1.png Well... I'm someone your Tim could grow up to be... and regret being, I'm happy and sorry to say. Quote2.png
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Sir Timothy Hunter is one of the possible futures of Tim Hunter, who went bad after selling his memories for power to Barbatos the demon, with the downfall the he could not remember anything after a while, and thus he could only take action after Barbatos told him to do so.

He affected in different times the present Tim Hunter and his friends in order to secure his future as a result.

This version of Tim Hunter lived in London in the year 2012, and his principal goal was to trap different Mollys to satisfy him. His world became unstable when his past self started maturing. Barbatos told him that his past self was the culprit, so he went to the past to make sure that the right Tim, would become him. He was thwarted by Khara and Nikki, who wanted to preserve the future of Tim, as they liked the future that he would bring.[1] Back in his era, his senses were once again deluded by Barbatos, and started living in a cardboard box, thinking that it was a palace.

Sir Timothy acted from 2012, killing Martyn in the present, who was interested in tutoring Tim. That would change Sir Timothy's future, and that, he would not allow.[2] After that from time to time he tried to became an abiding citizen, but Barbathos didn't allow him, keeping him deluded and distracted.

Manipulated by Barbatos, he tried to trap the present Molly to make her the perfect Molly and arranged to send her to Vuall in Hell, but thanks to Khara and Nikki, he recovered some of his senses and tried to become straight again. He visited a man who's brother could give him a job as a dishwasher so he could stop living in a cardboard box. The man was a mage, though, and saw a great potential in Sir Timothy, and gave him the opportunity to change him into a dragon. He took the chance. As a dragon, he met again Khara and Nikki, who wanted to come back to their era. Sir Timothy took them to their department and went to Hell to tell Araquel where his loved ones where, finding there also Barbatos, Tim, and Molly. Barbatos took the last chance to catch the greatest mage of all time for himself and made a fantasy world from a story book and everyone on it should play a part. With Molly and Sir Timothy falling into their roles, it was up to Tim to free them. As the fantasy world was falling, Sir Timothy redeemed himself, telling Molly the truth about her presence in Hell, and how her Tim could become him. He died at the base of the mountain in the world of fantasy after ensuring the safety of Molly.[3]


  • Magic: As Earth's greatest mage, Sir Timothy has a great arrange of magics at his disposal, but he is unable to use them unless been told what to do. That is the price to sell his memories for power to a demon.
    • Time Travel: At least once Sir Timothy traveled back to the past.


  • Amnesia: The deal that he made with Barbatos made him forget a memory every certain amount of time until he didn't have anything in his head.
  • Weak-willed: He only could take any action after consulted, or suggested by Barbatos.



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