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Kherubim Physiology: Kherubim resemble humans in appearance, but are physically far stronger and more durable and extremely long-lived, nearly immortal. However an evolutionary drawback to their near-immortality is that Kherans are almost infertile, only very rarely will a Kheran produce offspring. This effect is seen in real world natural environments, as longer living organisms will have fewer offspring than organisms with short lifespans. This is a natural check against overpopulation.

  • Immortality: Like all Kherubim, Sister Eve has virtually an unending lifespan. To a non-Kheran, she seems virtually un-aging and unchanging over the centuries. The exact lifespan of a Kherubim is unknown. At the same time she has exhibited no signs of growing old just yet and likely won't for centuries to come.
  • Accelerated Healing: Heals more rapidly.
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Enhanced Strength: As a Kherubim, Eve possesses a high degree of strength. The level of it is likely under that of Zealot's yet still far above a human.
  • Chaos Fields: Like her father she can manipulate aspects of chance & probability, making the most unlikely of things occur. only Sister Eve uses her ability to destabilize matter and energy to a destructive degree.
    • Disintegration: Sister Eve can break apart molecular bonds in matter upon contact with her entropy energy.
      • Energy Projection: Sister Eve can release her entropy energy in waves capable of destroying everything in their path.