Quote1 --You are receptive to contact but resistant to control -- uniquely resistant to technopathic control -- physical duress required -- Quote2
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Siyu was a Chinese man whose mind was combined with machinery by the Ministry of Self-Reliance. As Warhead, he was leased to the Kahndaqi military and sent to target Bilayan rebels. When victory was achieved, the Kahndaqis ordered Warhead to wipe out all the Bialyans but he refused as he saw it as an act of vengeance. The Kandaqi military was not pleased that he didn't follow orders and hurt him. Warhead escaped and traveled across the world, seeking a safe space. Eventually, he fled to New York to find a secure location to begin repairs.[1]

At Beckman College, he used his powers to mentally control college staff into helping him with repairs. His mental commands triggered Aquaman's aquatelepathy.[2] When Aquaman came to Manhattan, Warhead sent him telepathic visions and lured him to Beckman College where he mentally controlled the staff into fighting Aquaman.[3] Once Aquaman was close enough, he sent mental images to Aquaman detailing his background in Kahndaq. Warhead fought to gain control of Aquaman in an attempt to take command of Atlantis but his powers were unable to control Aquaman like he had others. Aquaman realized that Warhead was suffering from PTSD and was only seeking to protect himself from any future harm. Instead of risking Warhead taking over Atlantis, Aquaman offered him asylum and protection while he healed. Warhead accepted the offer.[1]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: When the ministry found and retrofitted him, Siyu was bionically enhanced with a host of neurotechnical implants which made him physically superior to the finest human specimen. Putting him on par in terms of mind and mettle against the likes of a Super-Atlantean like Aquaman.[3]



  • PTSD: Warhead was traumatized by his time as a munitions op. system and his abuse at the hands of his employers, has trouble distinguishing a battlefield from real life.



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