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Skylark was the name used by the triplet daughters of King Leer.

King Leer told them that whichever showed him the most love would become his heir. In an effort to impress him, they seduced and kidnapped Green Arrow because he was a costumed vigilante.[1][2] However, one of the three feels regret and helps Green Arrow escape, becoming his lover.[3] However, one of the other sisters takes the place of Green Arrow's lover, unbeknownst to him. The kidnapped sister has her memory erased and does not remember this happening, so both she and Green Arrow believe she led him into a trap. Green Arrow blows up a mountain, killing King Leer and the two Skylarks aligned with him. Since Green Arrow believes his lover to have betrayed him, he tells her he can no longer be with her, causing her to commit suicide by intentionally dropping into the explosion.[4]

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  • Reindeer Sleigh


Miniature arrows of many types, including smoke-bomb, pheromone, and others.[5]



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