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Slade Murdock was a blind mercenary in New Gotham City acting under the name of "Dare", because of the dares she took, and that few dared to challenge her.

She is captured by Enigma Fisk, the mayor of New Gotham City, who implants two devil horns into her skull to make her look more like a daredevil. Despite being blind, Dare also had her one eye shot out by a criminal named Deadeye, forcing her to wear an eyepatch.

When Tombstone the Ravager (another mercenary) wanted Dare out of the picture, he hires another assassin, Catsai, to eliminate Dare. Surprisingly, Catsai and Dare struck up a friendship, and they killed Tombstone instead.

Together, Catsai and Dare are hired to assassinate Enigma Fisk by an unknown benefactor. They fight through Fisk's towers, slaying many enemies along the way. This turns out to be a plot by Fisk to heighten his political stance. Fisk tore Slade's horns from her head, as well as her brains. Dare presumably dies, but was resurrected after a visit by Doctor Strangefate.




  • In the alternate reality featuring Lobo the Duck, Dare is among the dead heroes.
  • Dare is an amalgamation of the DC character Slade Wilson (Deathstroke the Terminator) and the Marvel Comics Matt Murdock (Daredevil). Interestingly, neither character is female.