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Slade Wilson is the President of the United States on the parallel Earth that the Crime Syndicate was native to.

Once a war hero, he became more of a pragmatist during his administration when dealing with the Crime Syndicate, especially when it costed him the life of his wife, the First Lady. His daughter Rose was rather outspoken against her father's policies of dealing with the Crime Syndicate and urged the people of the nation to stand up and take action against them, encouraging them to do what is right rather than what is convenient. This made her a target for the Crime Syndicate, and she would have been killed by Archer, one of their Made Men, if not for the timely intervention of J'onn J'onnz from the Earth native to the Superman-led Justice League. The Crime Syndicate threatened to destroy certain parts of Earth if Slade didn't comply with controlling what his daughter had to say in public about them, but with Owlman's transporting the weapon to a parallel Earth called Earth-Prime and its subsequent detonation in a different parallel Earth that was devoid of all life, Slade was able to even the odds against the remaining Crime Syndicate head members and turned them over to the authorities.


Other Characteristics

  • Traditionally, Slade Wilson is depicted with his right eye concealed. Since it's a mirror universe, this version wears an eye patch instead over his left eye.