Deathstroke was a mercenary and assassin who led a group called the Unkillables against the Anti-Living.

One the day the corrupted Anti-Life Equation had begun to fester infect Earth's population, Deathstroke was hired on a mission to eliminate a white supremacist group who was reported to be setting a few churches on fire somewhere in Kentucky. Much to his confusion, however, the supremacists he was meant to terminate were panically leaving the church, running away from a far more dangerous threat that remains to be dealt with: The Anti-Living. Slade easily wiped out the infected inside the church with his weaponry, though his patience began to wear thin by the second. Picking up his smartphone, Slade attempted to renegotiate with the client, only to be infected with the Anti-Life Equation just as those he killed were. Nevertheless, Slade was fortunate thanks to his healing factor, and as a day passed, the once infected mercenary returned to normal, albeit confusing him even more on the situation he was now in.

Slade later rescues his daughter Rose, the Ravager, inside her apartment from the infected. While on his way to land on the apartment roof riding a helicopter, Slade encountered an infected Man-Bat, which inevitably crashes with the helicopter, biting his arm in the process. The helicopter crashed onto the apartment roof and Man-Bat died with it, though Slade survived despite being bitten. Rose tried to kill her infected father out of mercy, only for Slade to revert back to normal by the moment he got impaled by Rose's sword, informing the latter of Slade's immunity to the Anti-Life Virus. At that same moment, Mirror Master came to their aid, revealing he came on Vandal Savage's behalf to offer protection in exchange for their skills. The two accepted his invitation, in which they traveled through Mirror World wearing Mirror Master's extra Babel Lenses and arrive on Savage's sanctuary, Ball's Pyramid. [1]


  • Accelerated Healing: In addition to allowing him to survive otherwise serious injuries, Slade's healing ability is able to prevent him from permanently becoming one of the Anti-Living.





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