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Slade Wilson was an assassin named "Deathstroke", who sent Terra to infiltrate the Teen Titans and acted as her mentor.

Much like his counterpart from Earth 0, Slade Wilson or "Deathstroke" was an assassin-for-hire who was able to use 90% of his brain due to a military experiment. The teenage metahuman Tara Markova, also known as Terra, came to him so she could be trained to become a warrior and Deathstroke used her to infiltrate the Teen Titans, whom he had been unable to kill in the past.[1]

When Robin announced his intention to step down from being Batman's sidekick due to not wanting to be limited by him, Terra understood and they later talked about not being under the shadows of their mentors any longer. She later informed Slade about this development as well as the retirement of Kid Flash. Slade however berated her for having a personal talk with the protégé of Batman and stated he had to look after her since she was careless and could grow fond of the Titans.[1]

She hit back at Slade, stating how he was himself soft since he had his family's photos all over his place and insulted Wintergreen whom he took care of. As she continued to insult his loyal friend further, Slade slapped her to remind her of his place. This caused Tara to grow angry and she started attacking him. Slade tried to calm her down by stating how she wanted him to train her, but she replied that she was already a true warrior and he wasn't.[1]

As Terra stated how she wanted to make her own destiny, Slade told her that she had unlimited potential and he could help achieve it through discipline. Terra however replied she was done with it, before using her powers to rip him apart.[1]



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