When Sportsmaster attempted to assassinate Black Manta, Deathstroke counteracted the attack by shooting the disc Sportsmaster threw. This prompted Sportsmaster to blow his way out of the cave, and make his escape by helicopter. Deathstroke fired several shots at the helicopter, but it escaped unharmed. He later helped Black Manta by accompanying Tigress to kidnap Miss Martian in order to force her to restore Kaldur'ahm's mind. After they captured Miss Martian he later did as Black Manta ordered Miss Martian to restore Kaldur's mind, Deathstroke observed in a ship a distance away from the Manta-Flyer to ensure that Miss Martian did not use her telepathic powers for any other reason. He fought against Sportsmaster and Chesire to prevent them from killing Aqualad but he was attacked by Miss Martian and she escaped. He was later assigned to take the key to activate the War World as instructed from Lex Luthor.