5 years from now

Deathstroke complained about Grifter being paralyzed from neck down, But his partner assures him that it's fine. Slade and King Argued about what would happen to Grifter.[1]

Slade Warned Grifter not to piss of Fifty Sue. Cole argued against this, But Slade tells him to follow orders. Slade explained that he and Fifty Sue kill people for king. Slade shows Cole around the Prison where they keep people from Earth-2[2]

When King visited a Meta-Human woman, Slade was asked to fire a warning shot.[3] When Slade was ordered to kill Big Barda of Earth-2, He was waiting and ready for her.[4] Big Barda, However is stronger than he expected. Barda escaped him and Sue.[5]

Slade is ordered to find out what happened with the O.M.A.C..[6]



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