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Quote1 You should have paid up sooner. You'd still have a head. Quote2
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Deathstroke is the world's best mercenary.

Deathstroke first appeared in Metropolis, confronting a man who owes him money. Stricken with fear, the man claims to have his money. Deathstroke doesn't listen and lobs off the man's head. As he begins to walk off, Deathstroke is confronted by The Flash. After warning The Flash to go back to Keystone City, they begin to fight. The Flash wins the battle and left him for the police to capture, though Deathstroke evaded capture. Deathstroke later appeared in Gotham City. There, Deathstroke meets and fights against Sub-Zero.

Deathstroke later joined with Lex Luthor, who paired him up with the Joker. They travel in search of a teleporter, when they confront Sonya Blade and Kano in the graveyard. A teleporter malfunction transports them to the Oan Senate.

A fight ensues with The Joker beating both Sonya Blade and Kano. Upon teleporting back to the Graveyard, Joker challenges and fights Deathstroke -- beating him as well.

Deathstroke joined with with Lex Luthor's group against the fighters of Earth-realm. There he once again fought Kano where neither of them win.


Deathstroke loses to everyone he is seen fighting with the exception of Kano who he draws with twice. Deathstroke is also not playable in story mode, and neither are Catwoman, Kano, or Baraka.

Deathstoke's arcade ending is non-canocial.


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