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Deathstroke existed in an alternate future timeline wherein the former members of the Teen Titans grew up and assumed the legacies left behind by their late predecessors.

In this era, Deathstroke was a known adversary of not only the West Coast Titans, but of Roy Harper, the heir to the mantle of Green Arrow. Roy Harper was killed at some point in this timeline. In this alternate future timeline, Slade's daughter Rose began having an affair with young speedster Bart Allen - an affair that Slade never approved of, and he always blames Bart for taking his daughter away from him. When the older Titans became a group of fascist dictators, Deathstroke began associating with their rivals Titans East. Conner Kent (now Superman) captured Deathstroke and brought him back to Titans Tower. He tortured him for information concerning Vic Stone's Titans East group and even went so far as to use his heat vision to amputate Slade's left arm.[1] Slade managed to escape via a fake explosive eye that Cyborg 2.0 implanted in him and soon escaped from Titans Tower with the help of Captain Marvel.[2]


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