Quote1 I've told you never to call me "Mister" -- the name is Slash -- plain Slash! Understand? Quote2
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Slash is a mysterious sword-carrying villain who has battled Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon.

He is a modern-day pirate who lives on a volcanic island and uses a giant magnet to take down aircrafts flying overhead. His men would then capture anyone inside and salvage whatever they could find. This continued until he took down a plane chartered by Barney Ling of the organization G.O.O.D.. Slash fought Ling's agent Shiva, and she defeated him, but his men knocked her out with a rock. Richard Dragon used the magnet to pick Slash up by his sword, and dropped him into the ocean underneath metal debris. They were forced to assume that Slash had perished.[1]

Slash survived this encounter, and returned to take revenge. He sent his men to murder the students at Richard Dragon's Kung Fu School. Dragon and Shiva traced these men back to Slash and went to attack him on his boat. Slash had his men trap Shiva in a net while they used bright lights to blind Richard Dragon. Despite this handicap, Dragon was able to defeat Slash while unarmed and sightless.[2] It is unknown what happened to Slash after this incident.


  • Slash gets angry when people call him "Mister Slash" and reacts violently. He has also executed a subordinate for interfering in a fight to save his life, when he told his men not to intervene for any reason.[1]



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