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Slaughterhouse Smith was a notorious crime boss in the years before the rise of superhero team. He was an early villain of Mister Majestic, Team One and many others.

When he gained his super powers, Smith just woke up one morning able to see clearer, move faster and stronger, etc. and those abilities kept growing until he realized he was now a superman. While he was coming to terms with this his father - the leader of a small Eastside mob running rackets - was killed by a rival gang. The younger Smith then took over and personally killed every member of the gang that had killed his father, and even ripped the spines out of their bodies. He soon took over the city and built up his power base from there.

In the years prior to the creation of Team One, Slaughterhouse Smith was ruling the largest criminal empire on the East Coast. He also had the immense edge of being one of the very few known superhumans - basically, the list boiled down to him and Mister Majestic; though there were other Kherubims and several Daemonites, they were either thought to be human adventurers (such as Saul Baxter aka Lord Emp, or 'Lucy Blaize' aka Zealot) or flying below the radar (such as Helspont). His super-powers and criminal base let Slaughterhouse Smith and his syndicate get away with far more than murder; in the the closing months of the 1950s they successfully attacked an Army convoy with automatic weapons to acquire an entire shipment of infantry weapons and continued their growth.

At the same time the first American team of extraordinary heroes, Team One, was assembled, Smith was approached by the Daemonite lord in exile, Helspont. He proposed a joint venture in which Smith would help him break the human race using their own technology, in exchange for domination over whatever was left. Along with the powerful Daemonite and his alien troops, the superhuman crimelord and his men, all very well-armed, took over the North Dakota nuclear missile silos. Helspont ordered for the first nuclear strike to be conducted against New York City, which wasn't in the plan.

Slaughterhouse Smith refused to go along with the plan, demanding that the missiles be aimed at Washington D.C. instead, where he had no special ties. Helspont refused and revealed that he now held sway over his men, who along with the power-armor clad Daemonite troopers of Helspont aimed their weapons at their don. Even his consigliere, Daniel Pike, who had long ago come to the conclusion that betraying Smith would be stupid and counterproductive, was swayed by the alien lord.

As the freshly-assembled and still untrained Team One hurriedly burst into the base, Slaughterhouse Smith turned his might in equal part against his men, the Daemonites and Team One. At one point he and Saul Baxter engaged each other in combat, and Baxter felled Slaughtersmith with one of his highly potent mental blasts.

Smith fell into a coma caused by the attack - but his superhuman physiology would not just allow him to die, and he stayed in a coma for 35 years in a clandestine medicalised room in a Park Avenue basement, where his faithful valet Ruddock (whom Helspont had never turned against him) kept caring for him and dreaming of revenge against Saul Baxter.[1]

In 2000, Ruddock found out that Smith's daughter had a son, who had the powers of his grandfather. Dreaming of revenge against the relatives of Saul Baxter (who was officially dead), Ruddock told Samuel Smith the truth about his grandfather and his powers -- only to discover after he was done that Samuel was actually an utter, murderous psychopath. Feeling crushed that he had thus led the Smith family to what would obviously be an ignominious end - feelings worsened by a plot for treason he had conceived at one point and which he was trying to atone for ever since - the aged valet stopped Slaughterhouse Smith's life support equipment and took a suicide pill, dying near the inert form of his master.[1]

Samuel Smith, after a number of psychotic murders in an attempt to find and kill Mr. Marlowe, the supposed descendant of Saul Baxter, was killed by Grifter.[2] However, his grandfather even survived the shutdown of his life-support equipment and emerged from his coma unaided a few years after those events.

Likely emerging from his coma around 2001, he discovered the modern world with consternation and worked on recovering his position, though he seems to be more of an independent operator than the leader of a permanent crew or mob. His fearsome power and rock-like determination proved as redoubtable as can be expected, and he became (or rather returned to being) a seemingly major figure in the New York City crime scene.

At one point, the experimental Stormwatch PHD team was sent against him, via a plot hatched by a superhumans-hating bureaucrat in StormWatch's HR department. Hearing they were on his trail, Slaughterhouse Smith just went to drink right in front of the precinct house hosting them, so they would have to try to apprehend him before superhuman reinforcements could arrive. During his drinking he mentioned how much he despised his grandson for being born with his powers and only using them to kill women, while voicing he probably would have killed him on his own if not for his grandson's death by Grifter. Confronting the team, Slaughterhouse Smith casually disposed of them and collapsed the entire building on them, but the PHD operatives all unexpectedly survived thanks to the Monstrosity - though most had to be hospitalized. Bitterly making strangely accurate predictions about the future, Smith flew away while expressing his scorn for the modern world.[3]


  • Flight: Smith has the ability to fly at varying speeds from subsonic to sonic speed
  • Superhuman Strength: Slaughterhouse has strength enough to punch through steel, rip a grown man in half, collapse a building complex and lift objects as heavy as gas tankers and semi-trucks.
  • Superhuman Durability: Smith is tough enough to withstand trading blows with other superhumans and having a dive complex topple upon his head without injury.
  • Enhanced Senses: On the day he got his powers, Mr. Smith mentioned he could see better and hear farther than most other regular joes he knew.
  • Energy Projection: Slaughterhouse Smith's abilities allowed him to project beams of concussive energy from his hands & eyes or really any part of his body at will.
    • Energy Enhanced Punches: Smith could also keep the energy he normally fires from his hands stored within his fists in order to deliver incredibly powerful punches that can shatter most anything.