"Bulletproof": A seriously injured Holden Carver, which his left leg is almost torn away from his kneecap, is drag to safety by Miss Misery while being taken under heavy gunfire. Holden realizes that from after experiencing through the betrayals and hidden agendas, he know what he have to do nex

Quote1 And I drove off in one of their cars, and Bryon Jones died with his family, you know... because he never really lived anyway, did he? Quote2
Genocide Jones

Sleeper #10 is an issue of the series Sleeper (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2003. It was published on October 22, 2003.

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Synopsis for "Bulletproof"

A seriously injured Holden Carver, which his left leg is almost torn away from his kneecap, is drag to safety by Miss Misery while being taken under heavy gunfire. Holden realizes that from after experiencing through the betrayals and hidden agendas, he know what he have to do next...

Two days ago, Holden learned the reason why Miss Misery has been distant with him is because she and him were in love with each other. However, the reason he knew this is because Miss Misery is becoming literally sick from this relationship after discovering her vomiting and wonders how long she has been keeping this secret. Holden and Misery didn't talk about this.

The next day, Tao, Holden and Miss Misery meet with Queen Diamanda M'Batu. The queen's visit was for a debt that Tao has to repay in having his Prodigals to retrieving an artifact, the Staff of Cleopatra (her ancestor's) which is kept in a FBI facility outside of Washington, D.C.. Tao assures this operation would be easy given that he designed the schematics for the facility's security system. M'Batu takes note of Tao's craftiness and hints that she knows that he was involved in breaking up the secret monarchy of the world.

Holden recalls the entire events to Genocide Jones at an underground fight club. Genocide then question as to why he is picked for this operation instead of someone like Peter Grimm. Holden relates that since the Syndicate hadn't discovered Sir Malcolm Jones' file last month, Grimm has been working hard in trying to figure out if the other covert agencies possessed it.

That night, Holden and Genocide meet Miss Misery at the facility. Being there first, Miss Misery had already killed the guards as she needs the violence to cure her. The three storm the facility, killing the guards inside and reaches where the staff lies. However, the door leading to it cannot be access with the given security codes from Tao. Knowing that there is a manual release in the room where the facility's personnel are coming from, Miss Misery volunteer herself to do it and bluntly disregard any help from Genocide and Holden. After Misery left, Holden takes the time to directly learn about Genocide's origin.

There was a skinny and timid man named Byron Jones. He was so afraid of the world that he married the first girl he slept with, right out of high school, and so by the time he was twenty-two, he had a boy name Matt. He work at a government research facility where he kept to himself, and has been living with his family in a trailer park as they couldn't afford any better. Byron had learned to live with the disappointment under his wife's eyes, but fortunately he was happy to have his son. Though he feared that his son would grow up scared and become like him. There was in the trailer park was a terrible couple who had a dog bred for fighting. Byron was concerned of their pet terrorizing the children when it was unloosed, and talk about this to its owners, but only to be chased away. So he tried turning to the police for help, but only to be ignored. So Byron gave up and lived with it. Unknown to Byron his body has been growing big and strong while at work, and being a loner, always eat his lunch near the facility's experimental materials. So one day, he discover that the neighbors' dog was loose. Knowing something was wrong, Byron was horrified to discover that the dog had killed his son and is eating his corpse. The dog then attack Byron, but upon being bitten Byron couldn't feel any pain and strangled the dog. After killing the dog and consumed with rage he killed his wife for being drunk and unable to help their son, and then on the dog's owners. Once the police arrived, they immediately shoot Byron upon seeing blood and guts on him. Their bullets didn't work on his invulnerable body, and Byron killed the cops who didn't ran away from him. Byron then steal one of their cars and drive away, leaving his life away as he "never really lived."

Upon Genocide finishing his story, Holden is left incredibly shocked and gives his absolute sympathy to Genocide. Genocide reassures him that everything had happened a long time ago and tells Holden that he must tell him his story too sometime in the future. A cheerful Miss Misery then arrives back and have the codes to the door from beating up a lone surviving guard. After entering the codes, the three enter but Holden first sees heavily armed guards waiting for them. One of them uses a powerful energy weapon on Genocide Jones, killing him. Holden is momentarily shocked over Genocide's death and his left knee is shot. Knowing the entire operation was a setup, Miss Misery drags Holden behind safety from their attackers. Holden urges Misery to leave, but she refuses to leave him and decides to fight to the very end. Holden, deciding not to lose her, knocks her out with his power. The guards arrive and surrounds Holden.


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