"Dead Drop": Holden Carver lies awake in bed with Miss Misery (who is passed out), thinking about what he saw moments ago that he knew it wasn't possible.

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Sir Malcolm Jones

Sleeper #7 is an issue of the series Sleeper (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2003. It was published on July 16, 2003.

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Synopsis for "Dead Drop"

Holden Carver lies awake in bed with Miss Misery (who is passed out), thinking about what he saw moments ago that he knew it wasn't possible.

That night, Holden walks a drunken Miss Misery and goes into an alley to make love. But Holden then notice something which troubles him. Holden escort Miss Misery to his apartment as he looked at a specific corner of a street.

In the present, Holden explains that the neon sign, the unlit streetlamp, and the garbage bag that he saw troubles him as they are calling signs that were previously used by John Lynch that he usually called Holden right before his coma. Holden heads to where the usual signs that points to where Lynch usually left the messages for him, and finds a written message from someone who knows the truth about him and wants to meet him.

Two years ago. Holden meet John Lynch at a vacant subway station. Lynch's reason for the meeting is because of informing Holden that his former fiancee Veronica St. James is marrying to the man who was part of the task force that attempted to arrest Holden, and wants him from ever breaking out of character during his undercover in the Syndicate over his concerns with Veronica. Holden informs Lynch that he won't let Veronica's relationship ruin him and leaves, but not before Lynch worryingly tells him that he is getting too close to becoming an actual fugitive.

In the present, Holden goes to a construction yard where his meeting with the individual who signaled him. He took the precaution of deciding to scope out from a construction high rise to see who his contact is. Holden then sees the person with his thermal binoculars, revealing him to be a man, and waits for him to come out. After an hour the man steps out and Holden take his picture with a camera.

Deciding not to use a regular computer for fear of someone monitoring him, Holden uses Peter Grimm's computer (which Miss Misery let it slip that he is absent in Hong Kong) to access its database on the man he saw. Later, Holden learns from Tao that he decides to end the feuding rivalry between him (Holden) and Peter Grimm, and let himself (Tao) to decide to personally investigate his Prodigals by himself.

Holden waited a week to make sure everything is safe. He knew that he couldn't trust Tao as he suspect he would check on Grimm's computer that Holden used, but hope that his clean-up program remove any traces that he used. Holden returns to where he discover the note a week before and is informed of the new meeting place and time from the man he saw. The man is identified as Sir Malcolm Jones, an American decorated agent who formerly worked for I.O. and earned his title in England after serving British Intelligence. Presently, Sir Malcolm Jones is retired for over a decade which Holden is deeply mistrustful of Jones' agenda. Holden again waited out on Jones and follow him to his hotel room.

Once in his room, Jones tells to a hidden Holden that he knows that he is there. Holden then comes out and immediately subdues Jones, and demanding him who he is working for and how does he know that he was able to contact him. Jones answers that it was John Lynch who sent him to only help Holden.


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