"Extraction": Holden Carver infiltrates a building in getting to Sir Malcolm Jones, who could get him out of the Syndicate and regaining his innocence.

Sleeper #8 is an issue of the series Sleeper (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2003. It was published on August 20, 2003.

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  • Tao
  • Agent Lee Caruthers

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Synopsis for "Extraction"

Holden Carver infiltrates a building in getting to Sir Malcolm Jones, who could get him out of the Syndicate and regaining his innocence.

Two weeks ago at Coney Island. Sir Malcolm Jones explains to Holden that he is telling the truth for helping him. Holden ask him if he is Lynch's friend. Jones replies that he is not and tells the reason why he is working on the behalf of Lynch. Since working for I.O. there was a woman scientist in the U.S.S.R., who has been Jones' asset, was close to being discover and wants him to extract her. Jones intended to help her, but his superiors refused and the woman was arrested and nothing was left much of her when I.O.'s black ops team eventually discovered her. This caused Jones to quit I.O. and left to serve the British. After working for the British, he retired in Yucatan. It is until two months ago from the present that Jones received a message from Lynch, as Lynch set up a computer that would automatically sent him a letter if Lynch didn't logged on for six months, which convinced Jones to pick a stashed file containing Holden's information and undercover assignment as a way to "clean up [Lynch's] mess."

Holden narrates that for the next two weeks he has been secretly meeting with Sir Malcolm. While present with Tao and the other Prodigals, Jones has been laying the groundwork in clearing Holden. Lynch's file on Holden is stashed away in a safe place, which contains enough to clear his innocence and everything he done was under orders. However, Holden fears about Jones's presence being known will cause further trouble, which it did.

Tao holds his meeting with his Prodigals (including Holden) concerning Sir Malcolm Jones. Tao's subordinate, high-ranking CIA agent Lee Caruthers elaborates that after hearing from his sources in his agency, he knows that Jones has been contacting I.O. and Department P.S.I., and that he has been contacting a mole in the Syndicate.

Holden later confronts Jones and angrily belittle him for jeopardizing themselves. Jones then ask if he wants to call it off or being with the "natives". Holden replies no and wants his extradition planned soon.

It is planned that the next two nights that Holden will be extracted. Holden is yet nervous if it will pull off and wonders if Tao will laid a trap for him. While having sex with Miss Misery, Holden then realize that he will miss Miss Misery, and will become enemies if they meet again. Holden then leave once Miss Misery is asleep, to Jones. Unfortunately, he spots Agent Caruthers and his men already capturing Jones. Holden hits Caruthers' car's right tail light with a silencer to follow them in a stolen car. Holden followed them to a facility, presumably one of Tao's many secret holdings, where he infiltrates and kills many Blackguards on the way.

Holden arrives to where Jones is being held and kills Caruthers. On advice from Jones, Holden torched the facility to leave anything without any evidences, and the two escape the building.

While driving away, Jones suddenly have a heart attack. Jones tells Holden that his nitro pills are in his pocket. Holden attempts to find his pills until they crash into a truck on an intersect. Holden emerge from the wreck and discover Jones is already dead. All his chance for clearing his name is gone. Holden then reluctantly kills the driver of the truck as he saw him, and immediately left the scene.

Holden depressingly sits in the shower and Miss Misery find him. She then ask if he wants company, which Holden said yes, but warns her that he been "knocked around" and don't want to hurt her.


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