"For the Wicked": In the middle of the night, Holden and Peter Grimm are looking for something inside a church, which Holden is clearly nervous.

Sleeper #9 is an issue of the series Sleeper (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2003.

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Synopsis for "For the Wicked"

In the middle of the night, Holden and Peter Grimm are looking for something inside a church, which Holden is clearly nervous.

Two days earlier, Tao view and recall the events of the death of CIA agent Caruthers to his Prodigals. Peter Grimm then summarize that the mole that the Syndicate are looking for is still on the loose. Miss Misery disbelieve on the existence of such a mole within their organization as Caruthers was the only one who suspects it and only found himself killed. Though Tao sees some reasons in Miss Misery's, but he is cautious of such possibilities of a double agent and decide to find him without the use of any kind of trap. Which Tao then explains that they only need to find the mole's dossier that Sir Malcolm Jones possessed that was used to bring the mole "out from the cold" and would reveal the traitor's identity. Due from learning this from sources from within the CIA, it is a matter of fact that the file's existence is being searched for by other covert organizations and Tao wants the Syndicate to find the dossier first. Having study Jones' movements within the city, Tao have lay out a list of different locations that Jones would hide it and have Holden team up with Peter Grimm in searching the most likely places and Miss Misery to command the Torpedoes and Blackguards to find the rest.

In the present, Holden is determined to find the file before the Syndicate or anyone else do, especially with his rival Peter Grimm. Without any luck with the church, Holden and Grimm goes to their car where Triple X Ray is also waiting and helping them, worsening Holden's chance in smuggling the file.

Earlier after Tao's conference, Holden is met with Miss Misery who informs him that the other organizations are using post-humans to back-up their search. Holden then notice that Miss Misery kept herself from looking at him in the eye, and questions her about it. Misery doesn't answer him and only tells him to do his job.

Holden, Triple X Ray, and Grimm goes to their next location at a junkyard. There Grimm reveals his powers of making people to experience visceral horror by touching them (not unlike Holden) and leave them stuck in a mental loop, living in an eternal nightmare until they "die from fear." Holden separates from the others and search the file himself. Then he finally deduce that the file is cleverly hidden behind an empty "high voltage" switch. But Grimm then warns Carver to hide as a caped metahuman is flying over. The post-human scans his surrounding with his super-vision, which X Ray panics and run, blowing his cover in the process. Grimm immediately takes action in fighting the post-human, which Grimm isn't faring well. Holden then quickly recovers the file. As he looks through the file it contains everything about his covert mission, which Holden realized that John Lynch had lied to him that there was no record on him, making him to realize that Lynch had made sure that Holden wouldn't have any hope of leaving the Syndicate and making it more believable to Tao. Holden then makes the ultimate decision of burning the dossier.

Holden then comes to Grimm's aid in toppling piles of wrecked cars onto the post-human. Grimm gives his condolences to Holden and reminds that they must sweep the area for the file, not knowing that file is already destroyed for good.


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