Spewed forth from the sewers of Armagetto on Apokolips, the dwarfish Sleez was notorious for his vileness. Darkseid made Sleez his aide, but even Darkseid tired of his depravity. He was transported to Earth, where he captured Superman and Big Barda and mentally manipulated them into fighting for his own twisted amusement. Fortunately, Mister Miracle intervened.

Later, Sleez mentally enslaved the directors of Project Cadmus and forced them to make clones of themselves, thereby giving birth to a second Newsboy Legion. Following a renewed conflict with Superman involving the Project's Newsboys, Sleez was apparently killed when the torture device he used to enthrall the Cadmus creations backfired.

He reappeared though some time later, during the events of "Countdown" and was slain for good by the mysterious God Killer during the events of Death of the New Gods.[1]


  • Sleez is an empath who can feed on the baser emotions of the average person and use that energy to bolster his own life force.
  • He can dominate the minds of others, magnifying their most depraved desires.



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