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A teenage thief named Bart Allen meets with a fence named Hanison in a secret location in Metropolis' Suicide Slums. The argue over the value of some stolen merchandise, so Bart decides to take both the money and the purloined valuables. He runs out of the building at super-speed before Hani

Quote1 "If I say I'm going to be somewhere - I'll be there in a Flash." Quote2
Bart Allen

Run is an episode of season 4 of Smallville. It premiered in October, 2004.

Synopsis for "Run"

A teenage thief named Bart Allen meets with a fence named Hanison in a secret location in Metropolis' Suicide Slums. The argue over the value of some stolen merchandise, so Bart decides to take both the money and the purloined valuables. He runs out of the building at super-speed before Hanison and his henchman can even see what is going on.

Minutes later, Jonathan Kent and Clark are leaving the Metropolis Day Center. Jonathan complains about all of the heart medication he needs to take, but Clark tries to lighten the mood by discussing the upcoming Metropolis Sharks game. A drunken driver turns the cover and nearly runs Jonathan down. Bart Allen races up from out of nowhere and pushes Jonathan to safety. Clark is stunned to see someone who is as fast as he is. Bart's actions do not come free of charge however. After pushing Jonathan out of harm's way, he swipes his wallet (which contains his credit cards and the football game tickets). Jonathan and Clark return home and Clark says that he is going to have Chloe try and track down the credit card activity.

Meanwhile, Jason Teague learns about the tattoo on the small of Lana's back. When he questions her about it, Lana grows extremely defensive. She tells him that as much as she loves him, she is not ready to share some things with him just yet.

Clark meanwhile has Chloe trace Jonathan's credit card activity. He learns that Bart has rented a suite at a posh Metropolis hotel. Clark runs there and sneaks into the hotel room while Bart is in the shower. He finds his backpack as well as several fake IDs. Bart comes out of the shower and Clark accuses him of stealing Jonathan's credit card. He tries to grab the card, but Bart snatches it first and runs out of the room. Clark gives chase, but Bart is clearly faster than him. Bart runs across the lake and Clark loses him. Disgruntled, he returns home to the farm. When he arrives, he finds Bart sitting in his kitchen drinking a glass of orange juice. The two go out to the barn for a private talk. Bart is impressed to meet someone who has super-powers like him. Clark likewise is suitably impressed, but he cannot condone Bart's chosen lifestyle. Bart tells him that he only steals from those can afford it. Through the course of conversation, Bart learns about Clark's vulnerability to Kryptonite. Bart convinces Clark to relax a little bit and have some fun. The two race each other down to Miami, Florida and spend the day on the beach.

That evening, they return to Smallville and go to the Talon. Bart meets Chloe and begins hitting on her. Clark speaks with his mom who gives him a message from Lex. Lex needs to see Clark at his mansion. Clark is reluctant to leave Bart alone, but Chloe appears to have garnered his attention - at least for a little while.

Clark goes to Luthor Mansion where Lex shows him an antique manuscript. The print is from a 14th century manuscript which was reputedly owned by Rasputin. The illumination on the page contains symbols similar to those found in the Kawatche caves. As Clark is the local authority on everything having to do with the caves, Lex feels that he might be able to give some valuable insight as to the meaning of the symbols. While Lex talks, Clark uses his x-ray vision and discovers that a map lies hidden beneath the page of the manuscript. Lex and Clark arrange to meet back up the following day to study the page in detail. Clark walks down the hall to leave and sees Bart. Bart is suitably impressed with Lex's mansion, and Clark warns him to leave. Before Lex can see him, Bart runs off.

Clark returns home and tells his father about the manuscript with the Kryptonian symbols. Minutes later, Bart shows up and Clark and he go to the barn. Despite his flighty behavior, Bart is grateful for the time he has spent with Clark. He likes knowing that there is somebody else in the world with powers like him. To show his gratitude, he gives Clark an MP3 player. Clark cannot accept the gift because he knows that it is stolen. Bart accuses Clark of treating his powers like a curse, when he should be using them to get what he wants. Frustrated, Bart runs off. Clark follows him and finds that Bart has broken into Luthor Mansion to steal Lex's manuscript. After swiping it, he sets off the alarms, leaving Clark standing in the middle of the room looking guilty. Clark awkwardly tries to explain to Lex why he was in the mansion at such a late hour. As Clark clearly doesn't have the stolen manuscript on his person, Lex doesn't accuse him of anything beyond odd visiting hours. He promises however, that he will use all of his resources to track the thief down.

Later, Lana goes to the Talon after hours. Martha is just getting off the phone after telling Jonathan that she will need to stay late. Lana can see that Martha is under some stress. Martha confesses that keeping busy at the Talon is the only way she can keep her mind of Jonathan's health issues. Lana reminds her that by avoiding Jonathan, she is slowly losing him. Martha appreciates Lana's candor and goes home.

In Metropolis, Bart tries to fence the stolen manuscript to Hanison. What he doesn't know however, is that Hanison has already spoken with Lex Luthor. Hanison stands to earn more money by selling the item back to Lex than he could moving through it through underworld channels. Further, he is tired of Bart's attitude. Hanison's henchman strikes Bart from behind, stunning him. Lex Luthor arrives, but upon seeing that this so-called "dangerous criminal" is nothing more than a teenage boy, orders Hanison to leave him alone. Hanison and Lex argue over the matter and they begin to fight. Hanison knocks Lex out then trains his gun on Bart. Suddenly, Clark bursts into the room and disarms the criminal. He throws Hanison through the roof of the building and he lands on a nearby motor home.

Bart gets up and grabs the manuscript. He knew that Clark would probably try to stop him, so he came prepared. From his pocket he withdraws a lead box containing a chunk of Kryptonite found at the Kents' barn. Opening the box, he places it before Clark and prepares to leave. Clark pleads with Bart and tells him that the Kryptonite will kill him. He knows that Bart isn't a killer. Bart reconsiders his actions and closes the box. He then runs off at super-speed with the manuscript.

The following day, Clark tells his father about everything that happened. He still has faith in Bart and says that he is simply misguided. Martha returns home after a long evening at the Talon. She tells Jonathan that she won't be keeping late hours anymore.

At the Kawatche Caves, Lana and Jason inspect the various carvings. Lana shows Jason one of the symbols, which is identical to the mysterious tattoo on her back. Jason asks her what it means, but Lana doesn't know.

As it turns out, Clark's words finally reach Bart. He returns the manuscript to Luthor Mansion without Lex ever realizing how it go there. Clark visits the mansion to make sure that Lex is okay. Lex shows Clark that the manuscript has been returned. What he doesn't tell Clark however, is that he knows about the hidden map beneath the page.

Later, Bart arrives at the Kent farm. Clark thanks him for returning the manuscript, and Bart thanks him in turn for believing in him and being his friend. Clark asks him what his next course of action is, and Bart says that he wants to see the world. He invites Clark to go with him, but Clark makes a counter-offer for Bart to stay in Smallville. Bart makes him a wager: If he can catch him - he'll stay. The two start racing each other down the highway. They run neck and neck, but then Bart winks and pours on the speed. Clark finally stops when he realizes that there is no way he can catch up to the impulsive youth.

Appearing in "Run"

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  • Hanison (Single appearance)

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  • Crystal of Air (Mentioned only)
  • Green Kryptonite
  • The Manuscript (First appearance)



  • Upon meeting Chloe, Bart makes a remarke about being from the future. This was shown to be true, in the Season 11 storyline, "Haunted".
  • Bart is shown to have false I.D.-cards under the names Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West.
    • Jay Garrick was later revealed to be a real person in the Season 9 episode, "Absolute Justice, Part I".
    • "Haunted" explains away this inconsistency as Bart having acquired Garrick's (and the others) name through a psychic connection to the Speed Force.


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