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As a heat wave grips Smallville, Clark decides to go to Crater Lake to go skinny-dipping. Lana Lang arrives and convinces Clark that they should go swimming together. Clark is shy, mostly due to his recent break-up with Lana, but agrees nonetheless. Their fun is interrupt

Quote1 Now you're saving people in your dreams, too. I bet a shrink would have a field day with that scenario. Quote2
Lex Luthor

Slumber is an episode of season 3 of Smallville. It premiered on October 22, 2003.

Synopsis for "Slumber"

As a heat wave grips Smallville, Clark decides to go to Crater Lake to go skinny-dipping. Lana Lang arrives and convinces Clark that they should go swimming together. Clark is shy, mostly due to his recent break-up with Lana, but agrees nonetheless. Their fun is interrupted as a scream peals through the air. Clark races out of the water, gets dressed and chases after a frightened teenage girl. When he arrives, he sees the girl pulled down into the ground.

Clark returns home to tell his parents about the mysterious occurrence. They recommend bringing it to the attention of the town sheriff. They matter is quickly forgotten as Jonathan presents Clark with a gift – a brand new truck. Jonathan and Martha feel that this might help Clark to get over all of the troubling times of the past three months.

The following day, Clark goes to school where he meets a new student named Sarah Conroy. Sarah is the same girl that Clark saw pulled beneath the ground near Crater Lake. Sarah doesn't explain what truly happened, but mentions that "he" is following her. Clark sees the reflection of a shadowy figure in a red robe in the trophy case glass behind Sarah. In an instant, both the reflection and Sarah disappear. Confused and concerned, Clark goes to Chloe's office at the Smallville Torch. He tells her about the incident and is surprised to see that Chloe is taking down all of her favorite articles from the Wall of Weird.

That night, Clark goes to visit Lex. Lex shows him an ancient samurai sword and tells him about the weapon's history. He suddenly slashes at Clark and the sword shatters upon his arm. Clark's secret is revealed! Lex is angry that Clark kept this from him, and tells him that he would have protected his secret. Angry and betrayed, he threatens to expose Clark to the entire world.

Clark hurries home to warn his parents. When he arrives he finds Sarah Conroy again. She is scared and warns Clark of the Traveler who is threatening to kill her. Clark is confused and doesn't know what to do.

Suddenly, Clark awakens inside his loft. Everything that has happened to him in recent memory has all been a dream (including the skinny-dipping episode with Lana). His parents tell him that he has been asleep for thirty-six hours. Clark tells them about Sarah Conroy. Martha mentions that a Nicholas Conroy just moved into Lana's old house.

Clark meets up with Lana and together they go to the Conroy house to introduce themselves. Clark is shocked to discover that Sarah Conroy is Nicholas' niece, but moreover, she is bedridden in a vegetative state. Nicholas tells them that Sarah's parents were killed when their vehicle ran off of Loeb Bridge (an area known for it's abundance of meteor rock). Sarah survived the accident, but never woke up. Clark theorizes that although comatose, Sarah has the ability to enter people's dreams.

Meanwhile, Lex goes to Metropolis to sees his father at LuthorCorp. Lex is angry because he just found out that Lionel is demanding that he completes a psychological evaluation. Lionel tells him that it is necessary because Lex is such an important company asset. Lex assures his father that his recent trials on the jungle island have not made him crazy.

Later, Clark and Lana begin researching the Conroy history. They discover that Nicholas stands to inherit great wealth, but only if Sarah Conroy is alive. Lana gets up to make some coffee, but Clark falls asleep. Sarah appears to him in his dream and tells him that her uncle is deliberately keeping her in a coma. Clark realizes that Sarah's dream-state equates her uncle Nicholas to the red-robed Traveler.

When he awakens, he decides to pay another visit to the Conroy home. Using his x-ray vision, Clark sees a supply of syringes that Nicholas keeps in a medicine cabinet, which he uses to prevent Sarah from waking up. He breaks the lock on the cabinet and steals the medicine, then leaves. Driving home, Sarah appears beside him in the passenger side of his new truck. Clark realizes that if Sarah is with him, than it means that he has fallen asleep at the wheel. The truck pitches over just outside the Kent farm. Jonathan, Martha and Lana race outside to check on him. Naturally, Clark is okay.

Lana takes it upon herself to confront Nicholas. When she arrives however, Nicholas is already prepared for her and apprehends Lana. He drugs her, places her inside of her truck and prepares to set it on fire. Clark arrives at the scene via super-speed and pushes Nicholas into a tree.

Sarah is taken to the Smallville Medical Center. Without the drugs inhibiting her body's systems, she is able to wake up naturally. She "meets" Clark for the first time and is grateful for everything that he has done. She knows that he is a good and decent person. Despite their shared experiences, Sarah tells him that it is Lana who is truly the "Girl of his dreams".

Appearing in "Slumber"

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  • Nicholas Conroy (Single appearance)
    • "The Traveler" (Single appearance) (In dream sequence only)

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  • Keeping with the theme of sleep, the soundtrack for the episode heavily features music by R.E.M..

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