"Continuity, Part 1": In the 31st century, a disabled ship of Dominators is stranded at the Source Wall. Their prayers are answered by a ship from the Legion of Super-Heroes captained by Brainiac 5. Their debate over what Superman would have wanted is interrupted by the Source Wall breaking ap

Quote1.png And since their physics are beyond whatever loopholes your Kryptonian cells under a yellow sun already take advantage of, I assume you can't just push or punch this "Crisis" away Quote2.png
Bruce Wayne

Smallville Season 11: Continuity #1 is an issue of the series Smallville Season 11: Continuity (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 17, 2014.

Synopsis for "Continuity, Part 1"

In the 31st century, a disabled ship of Dominators is stranded at the Source Wall. Their prayers are answered by a ship from the Legion of Super-Heroes captained by Brainiac 5. Their debate over what Superman would have wanted is interrupted by the Source Wall breaking apart from the other side.

Sending the Domiators to safety, they make for Earth by hyperspace, only to discover that the wave is following them. Under analysis, they see that the wave is composed of multiple frequencies and types of energy, but that the combined effects cancel each other out, and that there is literally nothing behind the wave. Brainiac realises it is an entropy wave, moving across space and time, coalescing on one point: on Earth in the 21st century. Realizing that Superman will need their help, Brainiac calls on the Legion to follow him into the past, a desperate gamble.

In the 21st century, US President Thomas Martinez is holed up in the DEO headquarters. Washington is covered in something. Only this building is safe, and that only because their new recruit, Zatanna Zatara, is providing a forcefield - and the strain is getting to her a fact that DEO director Steve Trevor decides is not for presidential consumption.

Elsewhere in the complex, Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, and his wife Chloe, are facing one of the most frightening omens they have ever experienced - false labor cramps. With the assurance of a DEO doctor that everything is fine, Chloe insists that Oliver go help his friends stop what is happening to Washington. Green Arrow has a plan to get out.

On the other side of the planet, Superman jerks awake. Knocked out in some way, he was brought into the home of a local man, who is glad that Superman is unhurt. Superman thanks his host and goes to check on Lois, who is on a sat-phone to Tess "Watchtower" Mercer, who is telling her that, just like the story they heard from the other Earth, Washington was among the first cities to be targeted. Others around the world have been targeted by the blue energy, in a process called "rebooting". Superman grabs her around the shoulders and flies back to America, so they can find answers.

On a private jet approaching Metropolis, Lex Luthor admires the city. He doesn't know what he was like before his reanimation by Darkseid - amnesia being the apparent price of a second life - but he hopes that his past self loved this view as much as he does. He mentions to his assistant, Otis, that he sees himself as a good man emerging from darkness. Otis questions whether a good man would make a deal with the Monitors. Turning on the news, Lex muses that the Monitor ship that crashed in Russia contained the red Bleed energy, which was matter-annihilating. But this new substance, "Blue Bleed", turns the affected chunk of reality into something to be molded and reshaped. It will spread out, and the people of the new world will wake up knowing nothing of the disasters of the old. Lex does not seem to think that he will be among the new world's people, but does not seem to care.

In the middle of the Atlantic, Superman and Lois encounter the edge of the Monitors' spreading influence. With his super-senses, Superman sees that the matter is being broken down for the next step, reformatting. The duo briefly debate the fate of everyone in D.C., and whether being rebooted is an improvement on death. Suddenly, they are attacked by a formation of Manhunter robots that the Monitors have sent against them.

In a NORAD facility under the Rocky Mountains, swirling energy forms a Boom Tube to the DEO headquarters, and President Martinez leads the DEO's staff to safety - much to the shock of the NORAD guards. Saving everyone, the group then splits - Steve Trevor, the president, and the DEO are staying her to co-ordinate the survivors worldwide, while Diana Prince and Green Arrow are going back, to find their friends and stop this crisis. Before leaving, Diana makes a point of kissing Steve.

At Queen Tower in Metropolis, Superman and Lois arrive, making a brief excuse about traffic. A lot of people have gathered for this, from Kara, Batman & Nightwing, to Jay Garrick and his San Francisco super-teens. Superman dumps a Manhunter head he stole during the melee, and says they need to decrypt it for information.

At the Daily Planet building, Lois and Chloe admit that they and everyone else in the building came to work today out of frustration and helplessness. They know something big is in the works, but no-one comes in at three in the morning to break good news. Chloe thinks of all he disasters she's seen: meteor showers, "Dark Thursday", the coming of Apokilips. Lois tries to console saying that either they will succeed and Chloe's child will survive, or they will fail, and the Monitors' plan for a confict-free Post-Crisis world will come to pass. But Superman - Clark - has a knack for making powerful friends, and with those friends she thinks they can win through. Even if someone has to get healed with magic tears.

At Queen Tower, Oliver is talking with Tess Mercer. Tess says she doesn't fear anything since she became an emotionless super-AI, but even she has to admit that the data they got from the Manhunter, coupled with everything they had from STAR Labs and the DEO, leaves them not much further ahead. She wishes she could help. Oliver points to one corner of the room, where a Queen Industries 3-D printer has just constructed a brace of arrows, with multiple materials and complex moving parts. He has been using it to make parts for the base on the Moon that he was going to give his friends when it was done. And Tess, now a super-AI, has had access to the technology for months. Tess hesitates, and then admits that her previous death has left her with an aversion to danger, something a human like Oliver could never understand. Oliver starts grabbing arrows into his quiver, saying that if she has that, maybe she's still human enough for other emotions too.

At Lois & Clark's apartment, Clark and Bruce Wayne are going over the data. Bruce is amazed that Lex would work for the Monitors, but Clark points out that if his life had been altered by godlike aliens before, Bruce might think differently. The plan, as far as they know, is for the ships they've already seen - Collectors - to break down as much of Earth as possible into raw mass. The the Re-Configurtion Arrays will weave as much of the old world together into a new form, complete with a history. The inside of the ships is a place of higher-dimensional physics, where Clark's powers will not work. At the same time, the ships are home to an array of Monitor underlings. The Monitors can construct things from Earthly matter, which was how Clark was able to fight the Manhunters. So, Clark asks Bruce: Can they succeed in such a way that no-one, on either side, dies? Bruce pauses, and says that will take another pot of coffee.

The following morning, Clark Kent gathers his friends on the roof of his apartment building. The plan is for the super heroes to bait the Monitors, so that the normal people can get to safety. Already the DEO is spreading the word, telling people in Metropolis to seek refuge in the countryside, in places like Smallville. If anything goes wrong, those refugees will rebuild. If everything goes well, things should revert to normal. People should say any goodbyes they need to. Because the Monitor ships have come to the Metropolis skyline...

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