"Argo": During a mission in Antarctica, Booster Gold's Legion Ring

Smallville Season 11 #13 is an issue of the series Smallville Season 11 (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Argo"

During a mission in Antarctica, Booster Gold's Legion Ring initializes a program called "Legion Protocol Six" all of sudden and stops working. Blue Beetle saves the time-travelling hero, but Booster Gold is left wondering why the ring turned off. Seeking answers, Booster heads to Metropolis to have some from the Legion Ring's legitimate owner: Clark Kent.

On Metropolis, Clark and Lois enjoy their time together before Lois takes a flight to Africa. Clark heads to the Planet and finds Booster Gold in his office. Clark is definitely not pleased to see him, but his annoyance becomes a secondary matter when Booster's Legion Ring, detecting Superman's presence, activates "Legion Protocol Six". The ring opens up some kind of time rift and sends both heroes to the future, leaving Skeets, Booster Gold robot buddy, behind.

Clark Kent and Booster Gold appear in the 31st century. Metropolis is burning, and a giant Superman statue is ruined.

Back in the present Skeets goes to the Watchtower for assistance, knowing his owner has been flung into the future and he needs to find a way to survive for ten centuries until he is able to meet him again.

Back in the third millennium, Lightning Lad has been captured by the EarthGov, which apparently considers the Legion to be enemies of state. Brainiac 5 frees him, but the ensuing battle causes the space-ship to fall down. Fortunately, Superman manages to catch the ship. Unfortunately, the Science Police turns up and accosts the Legionnaires. When Superman asks what is happening, Brainiac 5 tells him that a war is going on between Earth and New Krypton.

Booster Gold helps the Legionnaires to escape, and the group finds shelter in one of the safe houses of the Legion. Brainiac 5 is surprised to hear about how Superman was brought in the future, since the Legion didn't enact Protocol Six, and explains the current political situation: when Superman defeated Zod ten centuries ago, he flung the Kandorians to 'Argo'. There, those Kryptonian survivors founded New Krypton and rebuilt their civilization. Unfortunately, their world was denied entry into the United Planets, supposedly because they were 'too young'.

When Clark questions why the EarthGov would turn them down, Lightning Lad pipes up and says Earth is just reaping what they sowed. Clark wants to know what Garth is talking about, and Brainiac 5 asks beforehand how short is his fuse right now.

In a EarthGov's holding facility, Minister Kirt Niedrigh is arguing angrily with representatives of the EarthGov, demanding that his "prisoner" is moved before Superman comes along. In the middle of the discussion, a very angry Superman breaks into the facility, wipes out all troops opposing to him, and demands to know where "she" is. Reluctant but frightened, Niedrigh confesses that she has been locked in the Block AA-23.

Superman breaks into the Block and comes face to face with his cousin, Kara Zor-El.


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