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Quote1.png Ah! 'Scuse me, Kakk! I knew she'd come! The lady of the triple bum! That sweetest honeypot of Hell -- I'd know her by that noxious smell! The Lady Smegma! Quote2.png
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Lady Smegma is the on-and-off partner of the demon Etrigan.

In her youth, Smegma was the girl of Rectomm, leader of the gang known as the Southside Crips. Their rival gang, the North-Hell Bloods, was led by Etrigan who stole her away.[1]

She meet Etrigan again after not seeing him for over a century, and not by chance. Aware of her rendezvous with her once-again boyfriend Rectomm, Etrigan emerged early to break her man's neck, and decapitate his greaser companions. He then seduced the Lady Smegma on her arrival and they copulated in the Sunless Sea, where the essence of the Primal Shadow merged with his seed.[2]

When first appointed Hell's Hitman by Remiel and Duma, Etrigan celebrated with his demonic cohorts, including Smegma. While joining him in the 'hot tub', Smegma revealed that she was expecting, much to Etrigan's delight.[3] This was the last piece in Etrigan's grand scheme to torture Jason Blood. In the following months, Smegma stayed in the the castle of Lord Baytor. When she was due, the labour brought her to the brink of expiration. The monstrosity inside her was no ordinary child, but Etrigan threatened to perform a caesarian section himself if she couldn't push the infant out. She managed to birth the unholy scion, Golgotha, but it is unknown if she survived or not.[4]


  • As a demon, Smegma is presumably vulnerable to holy powers and artifacts such as holy water or the Ace of Winchesters. Demons are known to be vulnerable to iron.



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