Set was an ancient Egyptian hero and member of SMASH.

Ancient Origins

Faced with various disasters, the leaders of ancient Egypt made his elder brother ruler, then him. He was murdered within a year by those who feared him, replaced with his younger brother, Tutankhamun. His tomb was bare of decoration or goods, with magic spells to bind him, and two layers of locks and stone doors to keep him a prisoner.

They feared he might escape, the priest deciding Egypt's troubles began the year he was born, therefore Smenkhkare must be the cause - possessed by a god. The priest turned out to be right - the god was Set, ruler of the desert wastes, father of chaos. He was never properly mummified, final insurance if he were truly a god.


He awoke thousands of years later, in the Metropolitan Museum in New Lancaster. A scientist named Slade was experimenting on a Vita-Ray to reanimate the dead. The ray killed Slade, but succeeded in reviving Smenkhkare. He was delighted by the world around him and became a hero to explore his new home. With his powers, he was able to be a science hero with a secret identity, beginning to dress as a mummy and destroying any surviving photographs of his early appearance. He then set about exploring the world.

Early newspaper accounts gave him the name Mystico, the Wonder Man, an appellation he hated.

He discovered a giant pyramid in the Grand Canyon -- an Atlantean City, and exerted his influence over the natives Indians.


The alien came and he was placed in suspended animation for 30 years, awakening to a sick, chaotic new world. He determined to rule - join him, or die.[1]


  • The use of the real name Smenkhkare as the Vita-Rayed mummy is likely the invention of Moore and Hogan, rather than the Golden Age character's original identity.[citation needed]


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