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Smite was a member of Starro the Conqueror's High Vanguard. He killed for sheer pleasure.

He had already destroyed the populations of twelve planets before arriving to Parthon. There he came face to face with Starro the conqueror. He intends to test Smite's moral compass and perhaps teach him the errors of his ways.

In the end, Starro defeats Smite but instead of killing him, Starro deems Smite worthy of being his general. Smite knew when he was beaten and accepted Starro's offer but for the time being. Smite doesn't take failure lightly and when the opportunity presents itself, he will betray Starro.[1]


Alien Physiology: Smite Hails from an unknown race of Xenomorph whom possess physical abilities comparable to some of the toughest, most resilient aliens the universe over. Giving the brutal general in Starro's army enough might & menace to challenge the likes of Lobo to battle and survive.[2]

Starro Spore:(Formerly) Smite, like the rest of the High Vanguard, possesses a Star Conqueror that lets him retain his mental facilities while in service to his master. It also greatly empowers him as it does both the Conqueror himself as with all of his chosen acolytes.[3]



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  • Energized Hammer: Smite often made use of a hammer with glowing energy circulating in both ends of his bludgeon. He used it to great effect until Starro shattered it with a flick of his finger.[3](Formerly)
  • Broadaxe: In his service to the Conqueror, Smite would later make use of a polearm boasting a sharpened axe head of unknown alloy.[1]