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The Society of Super-Criminals is a team of villains from Earth 40 in league with the Gentry. On Earth 20, they are known as the Conquerors of the Counter-World.


A collection of the vilest inhabitants of Earth 40, the Society of Super-Criminals learnt via the actions of The Gentry, and their agent Felix Faust, of the existence of other universes, and at Vandal Savage's suggestion decided to plunder them. Their first target was Earth 20, which once every ten thousand years aligned with theirs. A war between worlds began, with the Society's bizarre and insane collection of horrific technology giving them an edge over their enemies. Soon the United States of America, weary after their universes' last war, fell. Over the next five years, the Society hunted down their opposite numbers, the Society of Super-Heroes, cornering them in an old temple in Southern America. As their last twist of the dagger, the villains released Blockbuster on the battered heroes.

However, the heroes refused to go down easily. Shiva was shot down by the Blackhawks, Blockbuster was defeated in combat by The Atom, Faust was trounced by Doc Fate, Sinestro and Parallax the Fear-Thing were defeated by Abin Sur, leaving only Vandal Savage remaining. Unconcerned about his allies, Savage attacked his Earth 20 counterpart, the Immortal Man, only to die at the tip of a spear, ending the Society of Super-Villains' threat.


Due to the relationship between Earth 20 and Earth 40, each member of the Society of Super-Villains is meant to be an evil analogue of a member of the Society of Super-Heroes.

  • Vandal Savage is the analog of Immortal Man.
  • Doc Faust is the analogue of Doc Fate.
  • Lady Shiva is the analogue of Lady Blackhawk.
  • Count Sinestro is the analogue of Abin Sur.
  • Blockbuster is the analogue of The Atom.


  • Like its counterpart, magic on Earth 40 seems to be a combination of traditional occultism and dieselpunk technology (given how easily Doc Faust understood and disabled Doc Fate's magical security system).

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