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Quote1 I was thirteen when my father first sent me away. He said that Gotham was too dangerous. This is my home. I wanted to come home. Is that enough? Quote2
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Sofia Falcone was the only daughter of Carmine Falcone, who was sent away by her father to Miami to avoid the dangers of Gotham City.

Sofia would live in Miami for 13 years before James Gordon visited her father to get his help in fighting back against Penguin's increasing grip on Gotham. Though Carmine declined, Sofia saw this as an opportunity to finally go back to Gotham and take back the city that was rightfully hers, and she agreed to help James weaken Penguin's control on Gotham.[1]

Sofia quickly associated herself with Penguin, slowly gaining his trust by catching him off guard with his mother's recipe and seemingly making a mistake by getting three of her loyal capos killed.[2]

Since Sofia's arrival in Gotham, her father's former accountant Arthur Penn had kept an eye on her on behalf of Carmine. However, Sofia found out and threatened Penn's life, whereon he made a deal with her. He would stay alive and in exchange provide her with secret information about Penguin's crime family. In her scheme to take over Gotham's criminal underworld, Sofia ordered Penn to put her into contact with Professor Pyg, whom she then hired to kill corrupt cops working for Cobblepot. Unbeknownst to her, Arthur secretly informed Carmine Falcone about the plans of his daughter and the involvement of Lazlo Valentin.[3]

Sofia continually assured Penguin that she only wanted to be his friend. When Penguin grew suspicious that Sofia was building a guarded compound to launch her criminal operation, he sent Zsasz to spy on her, discovering her meeting with the the mayor and the zoning commissioner. Penguin confronted Sofia, but she revealed that she was merely opening up an orphanage for the children of Gotham.[4]

Sofia undercut Penguin by manipulating the mayor into making Gordon the new captain of the GCPD. Sofia hosted a charity event at her orphanage, but Professor Pyg posed as the chef and made human meat pies for the guests of the event in order to teach them a lesson about being more generous to the less fortunate. Sofia tried to rebel, but Professor Pyg stabbed her in the hand. The guests would eat the meat pies following Penguin's example, until they were saved by Gordon. Gordon visited Sofia later that night, and she kissed him. Unbeknownst to her, Penguin's new friend Martin was spying on the meeting, thus proving his suspicions that Sofia was not really his friend.[5]

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